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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pretty in Pink

I know...paint furniture in pink.  But this isn't neon's pretty in pink!  I was recently commissioned by a customer to find and paint a piece of furniture to use in her shop to display shoes.  She has a cute little dress consignment shop that already has one of my furniture pieces and another custom piece from a friend of mine that also paints furniture to use as displays.  So when I went to to work at Dixieland Antiques I searched the shop to see what the other dealers had in their booths.  hiding in one of the booths I found this piece.  Hmmm...the measurements were right...and although the doors needed work the details and structure of this hutch were beautiful.

The customer agreed! So it was off to my studio to start the transformation! The customer wanted a hot pink piece to add alittle "pop" to her shop so I created a sample board with custom mixed colors of pink. We agreed on having the "hot" pink of the back of the piece and inside the drawer with a lighter pink on the remaining surface and highlighted with white. Since she wanted open display, the upper glass doors (to use on a future project) and the lower doors were removed. The lower doors were damaged, did not open easily, and the hinges were broken so removal was easy.  Next I applied the hot pink to the back of the display...

When the lighter pink was applied...the contrast shows up better on the drawer...

After the pink came the creamy white to highlight the pretty cuts of the piece.


All together I really like the way the display turned out and the customer really loved it!  The darker pink was just enough for the customer for the "hot" pink and the lighter pink offset by the white is just...well... 

...pretty in pink!


That's all for now...some back soon!
(this was originally posted on 4-15-2012)

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