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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shabby White Headboard

My friend, who has turned out to be one of my best customers, contacted me because she wanted to re-do her spare bedroom into a "girly" antique room.  We were on the search for a twin bed.  I checked my inventory and had the perfect headboard/footboard!

The detail was very pretty and my friend was excited that we found the perfect piece for her so quickly.

After I cleaned it up you can really see the detail.
First I added the creamy white paint to both the headboard and footboard (which you can see behind the headboard).
 There...much better.  I love how the detail is enhanced by the paint treatment!  So soft, so creamy, and dreamy!
And here she "rests" in her new home.
Let me know if there are any pieces you want to have transformed.
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That's all for now...come back soon!

1 comment:

Kim Clemons said...

And you know I love my bed! Since I've hired you to do a couple other pieces and will probably have you do more in the near future......